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Sport in the Cold War

Professor Chris Young of MML, with colleagues from UC San Diego and the Woodrow Wilson Center, explores performance-enhancing drugs in Cold War era sport.

A state-sponsored doping programme in Cold War era East Germany ensured victory on the athletic track: but at the cost of physical and psychological damage to athletes. 

The Cold War was an era of superpower politics and intense competition between nations, which often spilled over into the world of sports. 

A series of podcasts, presented by Vince Hunt of the Wilson Center Digital Archive, and directed by  Professor Christopher Young (University of Cambridge), Professor Robert Edelman (UC San Diego) and Dr. Christian Ostermann (Woodrow Wilson Center, Cold War International History Project), examines the controversies and competitive politics that fuelled Cold War era sporting events. 

The full series of podcasts can be heard on Soundcloud

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