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School of Arts and Humanities


Graduate Training

There are a wide range of training courses and opportunities open to graduate students within the School of Arts and Humanities. These are provided by individual faculties, by the University of Cambridge Personal and Professional Development team, and by the School itself.

Doctoral students within the AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership have further training opportunities available to them. Please see the DTP website for more information.

The mind behind the music


Faculty-based training

All Faculties within the School of Arts and Humanities provide graduate training for their students, which can be subject-specific or more general. Graduate students are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities available to them in their Faculty, to ensure that they develop their transferable skills and abilities while at the University of Cambridge.

Architecture and History of Art

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies




Language Centre

Modern and Medieval Languages




Personal and Professional Development

PPD at Cambridge provide a suite of training courses, workshops and events to support postgraduate and research students from all disciplines across the University of Cambridge according to the Cambridge Researcher Development Framework. This provision is intended to complement that of the Schools and Departments so postgraduate students can develop the skills they need to be successful in their research, and in their future career.

There are many different training providers across the University, and while this means that there are a wealth of personal development opportunities available to you, it can also make it quite confusing to find what you need!

The RDP has therefore collated all of this information into the Researcher Development Hub, with courses organised by application, as a resource to help postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers find appropriate courses more easily.


Training aimed specifically at doctoral students within the Arts and Humanities is also available. This includes activities such as an employability day, research skills induction event, training in collaborative research, editing groups, and a publication day. For more information on these courses, please contact Dr Steve Joy Head of Researcher Developer Programmes: 


The Office of Scholarly Communication

The Office of Scholarly Communication supports you to develop skills that you will find invaluable as you progress through your research – from creating a plan to manage your research information, through to publishing your work, understanding peer review and establishing an online presence to promote your research.

We invite you to attend as many or as few of the sessions as appeal to you, whether you are just diving into to your research topic or are building up to the next stage of your career. All the sessions are free and are booked through UTBS.

Stay up-to-date with events at The Office of Scholarly Communication or contact


Other School-level training

Language Training coordinated by the Language Centre


Graduate-led conferences

The Graduate-led conference scheme has been centralised and the Researcher Development team will be managing a University-wide scheme for all doctoral students and Postdocs. Application process and timeline will be announced later.