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School of Arts and Humanities


Graduate School Organisation and Governance

The Graduate School is led by an executive committee made up of existing senior members of the Council of the School of Arts and Humanities.

 There are three main groupings within the Graduate School:

Graduate School Executive (GSE)

The GSE is a formal decision-making body composed of existing senior members of the Council of the School. Business is dealt with within the School meetings. The GSE's remit is to discuss strategic issues, such as funding, course structures, external initiatives, student numbers, progression etc.

Graduate Education Committee (GEC)

The GEC is chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of the School ex officio, and its members are  representatives of each Degree Committee within the School, plus the School representative on the Postgraduate Admissions Committee and the graduate student representative on the Council of the School.

Meetings are held once a term, with the outcome of discussions reported to the Graduate School Executive (via the Council of the School) and the separate Degree Committees, in consultation with the Board of Graduate Studies.

Its remit includes strategic issues as for the GSE, and policy matters, such as Code of Practice, supervisor training, graduate student training, and discussion of funding bids. More information can be found on the Graduate Education Committee website.

Graduate Administration Forum (GAF)

Members of the GAF are primarily administrative staff working in graduate administration across the School. Termly meetings are organised by the Assistant School Secretary and are for the discussion of graduate administration procedures (including any new developments and how best to implement these), sharing good practice, and networking with other staff working in the same area across the School.

Faculty Administrators may also attend, and staff of the Board of Graduate Studies are invited  to provide more detailed background on issues that arise.

Please see further information on the organisation and governance of the Graduate School, as approved by the Council of the School in November 2009.

Individual Degree Committees continue to function in their role overseeing graduates on a subject-by-subject basis, and continue to oversee graduate admissions, the smooth running of courses, and examinations.

For further information about graduate studies in each of the Faculties within the School., see below: