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School of Arts and Humanities


School of Arts and Humanities Committees

The Council of the School

The Council is comprised of representatives from the Faculties and departments of the School. At least one member of the Council must be a member of the General Board. The Council acts as a co-ordinating organisation for the Faculties, and filters much academic business before its transmission to the General Board.


The Postgraduate Education Committee

The PGEC is chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of the School ex officio, and its members are representatives of each Degree Committee within the School (normally the academic Degree Committee Secretary), plus the SAH representative on the Post-graduate Admissions Committee and the graduate student representative on the Council of the School.


Officers' Meeting

Senior School officers meet informally every Tuesday to review business relevant to the School, its Faculties, and related institutions. Any Faculty business that should be reviewed by the School Officers should be submitted to the email address the Friday prior to the Officers' Meeting.


School documents are stored on SharePoint (Raven ID protected). If you have access issues, please contact