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PhD student's films featured in major exhibits

Two music documentaries directed and edited by doctoral candidate Ely Rosenblum, of the Faculty of Music, are featured in major exhibits in the UK and Canada.

Two documentaries, directed and edited by Ely Rosenblum, PhD candidate in Cultural Musicology at the Faculty of Music, are to be featured in major exhibits in Britain and Canada.

The Sunjata Story: Glimpse of a Mande Epic will feature as part of an exhibition at the British Library, while Signed Music: Rhythm of the Heart will be screened at the Deaf Culture Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Signed Music: Rhythm of The Heart presents the foundational concepts of the performance practices that make up Signed Music/Eye Music.

We tend to associate music with hearing and to think of visual forms of music as simply interpretations of the auditory experience to make it more accessible and inclusive. Signed Music/Eye Music is a Deaf-centred music practice that emerges from within the deaf community. It extends our notion of “inclusion” beyond access to an “empowering” visual musical art form that emerges from within “Deaf cultural space”, engagement and experience.

You can watch Signed Music: Rhythm of the Heart on Vimeo here:

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