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Exploring religion, art and culture with Cambridge Inter-faith Programme

The Cambridge Inter-faith Programme, based at the Faculty of Divinity, is to explore the intersections of religion, art and culture in a series of new events.

The Cambridge Inter-faith Programme has a strong history of bringing together experts from diverse areas to shed light on challenging inter-faith issues. Earlier in February, British Museum curators and Cambridge-based experts gathered in the Faculty of Divinity to explore the multi-faith environment of Egypt during the First Millennium CE, linked to the Museum’s ground-breaking and timely exhibition, ‘Egypt: faith after the pharaohs’.

Now – and in partnership with a pioneering new inter-faith art exhibition happening across London – the Programme is exploring Religion and Art" looking at current issues through two collaborative events in London and Cambridge.

Refugees in Art and Religion

The first of these – organised in collaboration with the Salvation Army – uses art and dialogue to tackle a critical subject for our time and for all faiths: the refugee crisis. On 10 March, CIP will hold an interactive evening focusing on art installation ‘Sea of Colour’ by Güler Ates. Timeless yet acutely relevant, ‘Sea of Colour’ is made from donated and discarded children’s and baby clothes that are too damaged to be used for charity, offering a moving reminder of children who have died in journeys to escape conflict. 

The event, to be held in the Salvation Army Headquarters in London, will begin with a viewing of ‘Sea of Colour’ followed by an interview with artist Güler Ates. A Scriptural Reasoning workshop – the Programme’s primary method of inter-faith dialogue – will then allow participants to explore the theme of ‘refugees’ through the lens of Jewish, Muslim and Christian scriptures, getting to know texts and faith perspectives beyond their own.

The Inter-faith Programme’s Scriptural Reasoning Coordinator Nadiya Takolia said:

“We’re really pleased that we are able to collaborate with the Stations of the Cross and Salvation Army on this event. Looking at the issue through the lens of scripture will hopefully bring some fresh perspective on the issue, which has been at the fore of the news for so long”.

The event is open to everyone of any (or no) faith.

For tickets and more details please see the Eventbrite page.

Exploring Religion and Art

The second event takes the format of a panel discussion featuring renowned artists and academic experts and centring on the ‘Stations of the Cross’ exhibition. This art-orientated pilgrimage – spread across fourteen iconic London locations – takes visitors on a journey through religious as well as secular spaces, using works of art to tell the story of the Passion in a new way for people of diverse faiths and backgrounds. Artwork by Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and non-religious artists are all incorporated, connecting the Passion with its modern day resonances, particularly the hazardous journeys of refugees from today’s Middle East.

Co-curator Dr Aaron Rosen – fellow of King’s College, London and author of Times’ best book of the year Art and Religion in the 21st Century – will be joined by contributing artist G. Roland Biermann, Professor Eamon Duffy, and Professor Robin Kirkpatrick for a conversation centring on the exhibition, taking place in Cambridge’s Faculty of Divinity. A panel-based discussion will be followed by audience Q&A and a chance to meet the speakers over light refreshments. CIP is encouraging everyone of all ages to come along for what promises to be an illuminating, one-off conversation between experts and artists. 

Leading on the event is CIP Research Associate Chris Moses, who said:

“CIP has been a keen supporter of the Stations of the Cross exhibition in London, which has rightly earned praise for its ambition and creative scope. Our event in Cambridge, which will bring together the Curator and one of the exhibition's artists with a couple of leading Cambridge scholars, will be a stimulating occasion for reflecting on the roles of art and religion in the contemporary world”.

For tickets and more information please see the Eventbrite page.


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