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School of Arts and Humanities

Dear World...Cambridge launches new fundraising campaign

For eight centuries, Cambridge has welcomed brilliant minds, set them free to collaborate and create, sending world-changing ideas in return. The University has now launched its largest ever fundraising campaign to ensure that our impact on the future will be as vital as our impact on the past.

Since the University was founded in 1209 the work of Cambridge scholars has had a profound effect upon the world. Cambridge researchers pioneered new interpretations of scripture, identified the building blocks of life, the origins of the universe and the origins of man. They wrote poetry, plays, novels and philosophical works that changed the way we saw the world. The impact of all of these things ancient and modern continues to resound around the world, just as our current work  will touch the lives of millions for generations yet to come.

The Arts and Humanities are a vital part of the University's history and current life and provide an essential contribution to our on-going cultural conversation about what it is to be human. Our work around language in a networked world, human cultural expression and innovative interdisciplinary work is world-class.

The University has now launched its largest ever fundraising campaign, to ensure that Cambridge research can continue to change how we think and how we live for centuries to come.

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