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DAAD-University of Cambridge German Research Hub announced

The University of Cambridge has announced a new Research Hub for German Studies, in partnership with DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service

The University of Cambridge has partnered with DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service, to create a new Research Hub for German Studies, the German Ambassador Peter Ammon announced on 2 March.

The DAAD-University of Cambridge Research Hub, or Forschungszentrum, aims to explore the German world, past and present. In his speech, the Ambassador praised this new Research Hub as "an interdisciplinary soundboard for British-German relations".

Drawing on Cambridge's excellent research infrastructure as well as the high number of scholars working on Germany and German culture across multiple disciplines, the Research Hub was designed as a platform for the study of German culture in the UK and beyond.

Its portfolio will include exchange visits with German scholars, the development of new research projects and two public forums per year that will be held in cooperation with a German newspaper.

The research hub will receive a total of €1 million funding from the German Academic Exchange Service.

Professor Chris Young of the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Professor Christopher Clark of the Faculty of History will act as co-directors of the Research Hub. Neil MacGregor, former Director of the British Museum, will serve as its patron.

Professor Young said:

"In Cambridge, we see it as a key strategic goal to increase and intensify our links with the research cultures of other countries. Few nations can boast such a powerful tradition of scholarship and learning as Germany; even fewer have invested so heavily in the internationalization and global awareness of their tertiary sectors.

The economic and political importance of the Federal Republic at the heart of Europe today need hardly be stated. For these reasons, we welcomed the prospect of this funding as a golden opportunity to invigorate our own endeavours in German studies and to augment interaction with German scholars as well as public and private institutions".

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