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The first Sidgwick Site Equalities Improvement Network talk on Wednesday February 1st will be given by Jacqueline Scott on 'Gender Inequalities in Production and Reproduction'.

Sidgwick Site Equalities Improvement Network Lecture Series

Jacqueline Scott, Professor of Empirical Sociology 'Gender Inequalities in Production and Reproduction'

Weds 1st February, 12 - 1 pm,  English Faculty in GR05/6

The talk will address questions such as 'Who stands to gain or lose from the traditional gender role order that leads to male specialisation in paid work and female specialisation in unpaid housework and family care?   How does this relate to different approaches to work-family balance? Can policy influence the gender divide in domestic work and enhance fathers' contribution to childcare and housework?  Should policy attempt to equalise men's and women's investment in paid work?   Who would this benefit?  Children's interests, family interests and societal interests can conflict and do not necessarily align with gender equality goals.

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