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School of Arts and Humanities

Publishing Your Research Effectively

A new mini-series of training sessions for PhD students in Arts and Humanities has been launched by the Office of Scholarly Communications, to explore how to effectively publish your research and manage your digital information.

The Office of Scholarly Communications would like to invite PhD  researchers in the School of Arts and Humanities to a new training mini-series on publishing your research effectively and managing your digital information.

The series consists of three sessions of one hour each, on the 26 May, 2 June and 9 June. You can attend all three, or pick the one you are most interested in. All are free to attend.

The first session, “Pre-publication considerations” looks at where to publish your research and in what format. We’ll look at both books and journal articles and the types of indicators you might want to use to assess their appropriateness for your research, such as Journal Impact Factor, publisher fees and publication times. We’ll also discuss issues surrounding copyright – who should own the copyright to your work and how you can use other people’s copyrighted material.

The second, “Post-publication sharing” explores the whys and hows of sharing research – scholarly best practice, the benefits sharing your research brings you and the wider community and what your funder expects you to share. We’ll show you how to use the University repository, Apollo, to share your research and also access others and always ways to find out who has been sharing and using your published research.

The final session, “Managing your digital information” Examines the many forms research data takes, ranging from measurements, numbers and images to documents and publications. Managing digital information properly is a complex issue, but done correctly from the start, could save you a lot of time and hassle - when preparing a publication or writing up your thesis.

The sessions are “bring your own device” workshops  where you can browse the resources available as we guide you through how to use them. Places can be booked online via EventBrite at:

The Office of Scholarly Communication was set up by the University in January 2015. Our aim is to help researchers to share and publish their research findings so that they are available to the wider academic community and beyond. We provide a range of training to researchers, administrators and librarians on both practical and theoretical aspects of scholarly communication, such as open access, data sharing, using social media and using existing researcher tools to share and promote your work effectively.

For more information, contact Dr Lauren Cadwallader ( or visit

image from University of Warwick