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School of Arts and Humanities

Cambridge Religion on Film competition

There are just two weeks left before the deadline of the Cambridge Religion on Film Competition. This year the theme is religion and the senses. Sixth form students are invited to create a five minute film on their own or in a team for a chance to win up to £400.

The theme for the 2015 competition is Religion and the senses.

The senses are central to religious experiences: consider hearing the the Islamic adhan, smelling Buddhist incense, seeing Hindu icons, tasting the Jewish Passover Seder or touching Christian rosary beads.

This competition gives you the opportunity to explore the role of the senses in the expression of religion.  

Create a five minute film for the chance to win £400. Up to four highly commended films will receive £200 each.

How to take part

You are invited to form a team of up to four members aged between 16 and 19. Alternatively, you may choose to work on your own.

To address the theme you will produce a film lasting no more than 5 minutes. It may take any form such as a debate, documentary or response with artistic elements.

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