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School of Arts and Humanities


Cambridge Humanities Research Grant Scheme

The Cambridge Humanities Research Grant Scheme is administered via the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Details and closing dates are announced up to twice each year (in Michaelmas and Lent Terms) and applications can be made online.

The criteria outlined below are to give a general impression of the scheme and its purpose. These criteria can change between calls. Please refer to the open call document for the valid criteria.

Funding and Duration: £1,000-£20,000 with usually up to 10 months (with most research expected to take place in the Easter and Long vacations)

Eligibility: all Cambridge staff on research contract (including Senior Research Associates, College Teaching Officers, Junior Research Fellows but not visiting or other affiliated researchers)

Objective: The objective is to enable researchers to conduct small-scale research activities of the highest quality, that enable them to bid successfully for larger-scale funding, and/or to generate publications, and/or to contribute materially in other ways towards the research objectives of their home institution.

You are asked to note in particular that an individual project may not be submitted both to this Scheme and the Isaac Newton Trust in the same year, whether successful or otherwise.

More information: More information on the scheme, including current guidance notes, may be found on the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences website.