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School of Arts and Humanities


School of Arts and Humanities researcher development funding for graduate-led conferences and symposia

The School of Arts and Humanities has agreed to make up to £7,500 available for graduate-led conferences held during 2019-20.

The intention is to allow postgraduate research students within the School to set up and run conferences and symposia, gaining valuable transferable skills in the process. It is expected that successful bids will not be for more than £1,000 per conference. Therefore, they would not be suitable for covering large stipends and long-distance travel costs for external speakers.

Bids should be submitted by the lead student co-ordinating the conference. Before submitting this form, please ensure you have discussed the proposal with your supervisor and that it has been approved both by them and your academic Degree Committee Secretary.

The application period for the 2019-20 round has been closed now. Outcomes of the competition will be communicated in December 2019.


Application guidelines:


  • can include expenses, but not speaker fees or honoraria
  • travel and accommodation expenses for keynote speakers only
  • to give details of additional funding sources secured or to be applied for (especially when proposals require more than the maximum available from this scheme)
  • reasonable budgeting on catering
  • attendance fees, if any, should not discriminate unfairly



  • to expand on the aspects of graduate-focused approaches (i.e. favouring graduate speakers or audience)
  • should list all the student organisers (not just the lead applicant)
  • senior academic conferences are not being considered
  • interdisciplinary proposals are welcomed, but the interdisciplinary aspects must be adequately explained: normally the organising group should include representatives of more than one discipline
  • not essential, but welcomed if it is open to public, or publication is available


Researcher Development Agenda:

  • as a whole each bid should present a properly argued case on why the RDF budget is the best source of funding for the event 
  • please refer to the researcher development framework, which can be found here




Aims of conference/symposium

Itemised costs


Upon submitting your application you will see a confirmation appear on screen. Please note no confirmation email will be sent to your email address.